Monday, 10 February 2014

My Weekend: WIP Baby blankets, pasta and good ol' Harry Potter!

I had a most relaxing weekend! After having saturday off I was able to sit down and have a good knitting session, considering I don't have much time for it anymore it was nice to put a few hours aside to knit.

So here's a project I haven't actually announced on here yet, its a very simple knitted blanket in a soft baby pink yarn. It's taken much longer than I thought as I started it last year when my baby sister was due in November. I hadn't finished it then and I still havent now and its the 10th of February! Hopefully she won't have outgrown it by the time its finished. 

I've delved into crochet a little and I'm thinking about adding a simple white crochet edging just to make it a bit fancy. Otherwise it will look a bit plain! This will increase the finish time but perhaps only by a few days to a week!

The needles are 4mm Signatures with the stiletto tips and 100cm cable. (I highly recommend these needles, the stilettos are perfect for lace and anything else, and the cables don't kink and are super flexible!)

I can't quite remember the brand of yarn but I think its James C Brett Baby soft something or other. Either way its lovely and soft and everything you'd expect baby yarn to be.

I took this picture with little Muffin sniffing my freshly made tuna pasta, I hadn't realised he'd had a sneaky lick!

Started reading this gem today, my mum dropped off a massive crate of books from my old house and of course held my entire collection of Harry Potter books. I've started to re read them and they're just as brilliant as I remember them. Anyway, I'm up to number four now!

Til' Next time!

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