Thursday, 31 January 2013

W.I.P - The first few hours of Holden Shawlette

So far so good, the first stage of stockinette always was the easiest part for me, I'm now moving onto the lace and I'm a bit terrified, but I've put a life line in (hot pink thread) so I can rip back to it safely if I mess up.

Hoping to get this done as soon as possible for my Mum, as I've wanted to knit her something for the longest time! 

Here are some progress pictures, trying not to give too much away!

Garter st. border.

The pink lifeline, and first few rows of lace.

Quite proud of my neat knitting!
I've really been enjoying using the Signature needles I got for Christmas, I think they have attributed to how neat my knitting has become. Will post a few more progress shots in a few days.

Monday, 28 January 2013

F.O - Elleby beanie

First FO of 2013 finished! Considering I'm notoriously a starter and not a finisher, this has made me quite a proud little lady. Since I started knitting in september 2011 I've only properly finished under 10 FOs. My new years knitting resolution is to finish every project that I start, only do one at a time, and blog each step appropriately. I think it'll be nice to look back and see how I'll improve over the years!

So Elleby finished blocking this morning, it's truly magical, before blocking it looked like a scrunched up maroon tube. I looked at it and wondered how it would possibly end up looking "slouchy". But lo and behold the lace has opened out and the slouchy look is there. I'm really happy with how it looks, and cant wait to wear it out and about! Here are a few pics:

The slouchiness is great, I rarely suit beanies but love the shape of this.

The lace shows through nicely after blocking.
Close up of the lace pattern
Off now to do a few hours on the Holden Shawlette!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yarn Shopping

Skeins into Cakes.

Yesterday I inevitably ended up perusing my LYS after work, (its just round the corner from my shop - it'd be rude not to!) and found the most gorgeous amazing yarn I've seen for a long time!

Ella Rae Lace Merino Yarn 100g Skein
 Isn't the colour outstanding? It's soft and squishy and I keep smushing it into my face, but I've since calmed down and just appreciated how lovely it is. (Yarn on Ravelry) I got the colour for my Mum, as she loves the turquoise style blue, and I think its perfect for her.

I have a pattern in mind for it, the Holden Shawlette, which I had attempted once before with miserable results, but I remain optimistic this time after having a bit more practice with lace. I've since found this particular yarn I've bought has been used many times before for the pattern with stunning results, so I'm even more excited to cast on! 

I have another first, I learnt to hand wind my own yarn cake! Here in the UK, we dont get center pull balls or skeins rarely, but it was fun to do, although it took several hours with 100g of it! 

Successful center pull ball!
I even managed to get it in a semi square shape so it doesn't roll anywhere. Anyway, I have an hour or so left on my Elleby hat, and then I'll be casting this on!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Todays Tattoos!

Two for Today!

Had a slightly stressful morning as I had an early start, was in work 3 hours before I usually was, drawing away and cleaning, luckily this meant I had finished work earlier than usual! Both went really well and I enjoyed both, realism is always fun to do as it's challenging. The old school style pinup I ADORED, purely because its been so long since I got to do a pinup, and I always love tattooing their clothes and hair!

Blue realistic rose on the back of the neck.
Large rib piece, he was pale skinned so the colours came out really nice and bright!
Back to work on Monday, looking forward to a relaxing weekend now!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Elleby, FO's and recent Knits.

Elleby - A success with simple lace!

My Elleby lace beanie with my Signature needles.

I'm about halfway through this gorgeous little slouchy hat, in all honesty when I picked the project I was looking for something to use up the last of my maroon yarn and to knit something with my new Signature needles! But I'm so glad I did, the pattern is well written, I learned how to read lace charts, and I'm able to memorise it quite easily. I haven't spent much time on it, but rather picked it up and knit a few lines here and then when I feel like it. 

I'm still DYING to get started on a proper sweater/cardigan for myself, I bought the latest Knitter magazine and found a beautiful cardigan there which I've decided I'll knit. Just have to finish this little beanie first!

On a quick note on the Signature needles, I love them. I love them so much my heart feels like it'll burst when I use them. At around £29 ($42) a pair they are pricey, but I'm more than willing to pay for a new pair every now and again! I currently have a 3.75mm, 4mm and 6mm, all my recent FO's have been using these. I look back at my Addi Clicks a bit sadly, as I feel like they wont quite match up to my expectations (although I've always DESPISED their rubbish kinky stiff cables) but I WILL still use them until I complete my Signature collection.

Itty bitty baby jumper!
Another excuse to use my 4mm Signatures, plus I wanted to try a top down sweater and thought if I could do a baby version, I could do a full sized one eventually! I used a single ball of James C. Brett Cotton On (very soft and nice to knit with) Ravelry link to my stash here. I cant remember where I found the pattern, it was somewhere on Ravelry so if I find it I'll edit the post with the link.

Bird mittens.... when you see it :|

Yeah.... yeah, this was my ultimate DOH knitting moment. Nearly 80% through the second mitten and I didnt flip the damn chart. I have 2 right handed mittens and I wanted to cry. But all is not lost, I have plenty of yarn left so I'm going to knit it again when I stop being so pissed at myself.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Todays Tattoo!

Some much needed TLC.

Today I had an interesting and challenging tattoo to fix today, it was in desperate need of fixing and I was more than happy to do it!

It was a classic example of an inexperienced tattooist, the lines were broken and faded, choppy shading and the placement of the tattoo was off. (According to my customer, he didn't like tattooing over wrists, so did it further down :| )

She just went with it, but in my opinion she should have said if she wasn't happy with it. I constantly remind people - its not a haircut! It is forever! If you're not happy about something you should damn well say so! Thats why I always make sure to keep my customers informed through every step of the tattoo, whether it be a certain colour or a way of shading.

Anyway, I ended up relining, adding colour and drawing on a few little flowers and sparkles, just making it a little more feminine. She left extremely pleased, and I was left feeling like a job had been well done!