Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Todays Tattoo!

Some much needed TLC.

Today I had an interesting and challenging tattoo to fix today, it was in desperate need of fixing and I was more than happy to do it!

It was a classic example of an inexperienced tattooist, the lines were broken and faded, choppy shading and the placement of the tattoo was off. (According to my customer, he didn't like tattooing over wrists, so did it further down :| )

She just went with it, but in my opinion she should have said if she wasn't happy with it. I constantly remind people - its not a haircut! It is forever! If you're not happy about something you should damn well say so! Thats why I always make sure to keep my customers informed through every step of the tattoo, whether it be a certain colour or a way of shading.

Anyway, I ended up relining, adding colour and drawing on a few little flowers and sparkles, just making it a little more feminine. She left extremely pleased, and I was left feeling like a job had been well done!


  1. The old one looks dreadfull! It looks so lovely now, well done! I bet she's so relieved!

  2. It looks so much better now. She must think you're a bit of a miracle worker :)