Monday, 10 February 2014

From Little Jess Knits: Tumblr edition!

So I also have a tumblr blog with knitting, although it's mainly inspiration rather than posting my own work. Here's some of my favourites this week!

I adore this beautiful jumper, it'd go really well with a pair of skinnny jeans and a pair of Vans, especially with this wintery weather! No other links or credits unfortunately!

As an avid lover of pokemon I realised I HAD to have these! Made by CalefRoadCrafts.

These colours make my eyes so happy! Its the PaintBoxes Cowl by Susan Ashcroft.

More next week! Thanks for reading :)

My Weekend: WIP Baby blankets, pasta and good ol' Harry Potter!

I had a most relaxing weekend! After having saturday off I was able to sit down and have a good knitting session, considering I don't have much time for it anymore it was nice to put a few hours aside to knit.

So here's a project I haven't actually announced on here yet, its a very simple knitted blanket in a soft baby pink yarn. It's taken much longer than I thought as I started it last year when my baby sister was due in November. I hadn't finished it then and I still havent now and its the 10th of February! Hopefully she won't have outgrown it by the time its finished. 

I've delved into crochet a little and I'm thinking about adding a simple white crochet edging just to make it a bit fancy. Otherwise it will look a bit plain! This will increase the finish time but perhaps only by a few days to a week!

The needles are 4mm Signatures with the stiletto tips and 100cm cable. (I highly recommend these needles, the stilettos are perfect for lace and anything else, and the cables don't kink and are super flexible!)

I can't quite remember the brand of yarn but I think its James C Brett Baby soft something or other. Either way its lovely and soft and everything you'd expect baby yarn to be.

I took this picture with little Muffin sniffing my freshly made tuna pasta, I hadn't realised he'd had a sneaky lick!

Started reading this gem today, my mum dropped off a massive crate of books from my old house and of course held my entire collection of Harry Potter books. I've started to re read them and they're just as brilliant as I remember them. Anyway, I'm up to number four now!

Til' Next time!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

I have a new look!

I've spent a portion of the evening redoing my logos and headers, just to give it a little refresher! I'm hoping to add a few new things to the blog such as baking and drawing, to give a little variety to it.

So what do you think of the new look? Have you redone your blog recently?

Monday, 27 January 2014

W.I.P Honey Cowl


Did another hour or so of knitting on this lovely honey cowl yesterday. It's knitting up rather quickly which is nice. I'm wondering whether it was a better idea to have knitted the larger version as I did buy two balls of Monsoon, but perhaps I could make another one to give to a friend of a giveaway?

Yesterday I tried my hand at a little bit of baking, I didn't manage to take any pictures, but me and my other half fancied something sweet after dinner. I had a look at what we had in the cupboard and my ingredients consisted of flour, milk, butter, cinnamon sticks, maple syrup and eggs. I didn't even have any sugar! Luckily enough I was able to whip up some sugar free cookies with maple syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon. It did the job although the recipe was a little floury, I'll make some adjustments and post it here!

'Til next time!

Jess x

Friday, 24 January 2014

Cast On: Honey Cowl

Hello dear readers! I am sorry its been so long, we've had Christmas and New Years and I've moved my business premises so it's all been very hectic! But I hope you'll forgive me.

I have a few little projects on the go, firstly I have a very simple square blanket I knitted for my little sister. She's now 10 weeks old and it's not finished, I'm doing very badly! I thought having a simple garter stitch pattern would be fun as I could knit it and not worry about remembering pattern notes but its been a little tedious. 
So now I know for my projects:
Lace is good,
Cables are good,
Shaping is good!

So here's one I cast on yesterday. Its getting much colder here in the UK, and because I've been rubbish I havent knitted anything in the summer like you're meant to ready for the cold weather. I'll be hurriedly doing it now!

I perused my local yarn store and fondled all the balls (oo-er) I could get my hands on, but the colours in the gorgeous Monsoon by James C. Brett caught my eyes. I bought two, they're soft and wonderful and make my eyes happy.

Pattern wise I decided on the lovely Honey Cowl. It's one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry right now and I can see why! Not much to remember but an interesting pattern nonetheless to follow. I'm making the shorter version currently which will only use one ball, so I'll either make another one or maybe a matching hat? 

Anyway, here's my progress after a few hours. I am LOVING it. I've never tried a slip stitch pattern before and its really interesting. The gaps between the rows make little honeycomb shapes, which incidently I suppose the name of the pattern comes from!

Loving how this is knitting up! Colours changing gradually.

I suspect this may be a little itchy on the skin but a little wool wash should sort it right out!
Anyway I'm going to go right back at it! 

'Til next time.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Wedding WIP September Update #2

Hello again! I have been stitching like a mad woman and tonight I present to you this washed out night-time image of my stitching! I forgot to get a picture in daylight but have tried to edit to show the colours correctly. I'm so happy I've gotten to the point where you can see my Mums face, its a little more motivating to show it coming together now!

Also, I have done a terrible silly thing. Notice that torn edge on the right side? I decided to "trim" the edges so I didn't have so much fabric hanging off the edge of my frame and instead sheared off most of it. I completely forgot to leave some for the frame and stretching!

So guys, have I ruined it? Could a professional printing place frame it with that much fabric there? I was planning on just the stitched area showing anyway. Oh well, thats a mistake I won't be making again!

I'll post some more progress in a couple of weeks :) I've been so busy working and doing other hobbies (drawing/video games etc.) I don't think I'll be updating this more than bi-monthly, but I will be updating and thats all that matters!

See you next time ladies and gents.