Friday, 25 January 2013

Elleby, FO's and recent Knits.

Elleby - A success with simple lace!

My Elleby lace beanie with my Signature needles.

I'm about halfway through this gorgeous little slouchy hat, in all honesty when I picked the project I was looking for something to use up the last of my maroon yarn and to knit something with my new Signature needles! But I'm so glad I did, the pattern is well written, I learned how to read lace charts, and I'm able to memorise it quite easily. I haven't spent much time on it, but rather picked it up and knit a few lines here and then when I feel like it. 

I'm still DYING to get started on a proper sweater/cardigan for myself, I bought the latest Knitter magazine and found a beautiful cardigan there which I've decided I'll knit. Just have to finish this little beanie first!

On a quick note on the Signature needles, I love them. I love them so much my heart feels like it'll burst when I use them. At around £29 ($42) a pair they are pricey, but I'm more than willing to pay for a new pair every now and again! I currently have a 3.75mm, 4mm and 6mm, all my recent FO's have been using these. I look back at my Addi Clicks a bit sadly, as I feel like they wont quite match up to my expectations (although I've always DESPISED their rubbish kinky stiff cables) but I WILL still use them until I complete my Signature collection.

Itty bitty baby jumper!
Another excuse to use my 4mm Signatures, plus I wanted to try a top down sweater and thought if I could do a baby version, I could do a full sized one eventually! I used a single ball of James C. Brett Cotton On (very soft and nice to knit with) Ravelry link to my stash here. I cant remember where I found the pattern, it was somewhere on Ravelry so if I find it I'll edit the post with the link.

Bird mittens.... when you see it :|

Yeah.... yeah, this was my ultimate DOH knitting moment. Nearly 80% through the second mitten and I didnt flip the damn chart. I have 2 right handed mittens and I wanted to cry. But all is not lost, I have plenty of yarn left so I'm going to knit it again when I stop being so pissed at myself.

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