Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yarn Shopping

Skeins into Cakes.

Yesterday I inevitably ended up perusing my LYS after work, (its just round the corner from my shop - it'd be rude not to!) and found the most gorgeous amazing yarn I've seen for a long time!

Ella Rae Lace Merino Yarn 100g Skein
 Isn't the colour outstanding? It's soft and squishy and I keep smushing it into my face, but I've since calmed down and just appreciated how lovely it is. (Yarn on Ravelry) I got the colour for my Mum, as she loves the turquoise style blue, and I think its perfect for her.

I have a pattern in mind for it, the Holden Shawlette, which I had attempted once before with miserable results, but I remain optimistic this time after having a bit more practice with lace. I've since found this particular yarn I've bought has been used many times before for the pattern with stunning results, so I'm even more excited to cast on! 

I have another first, I learnt to hand wind my own yarn cake! Here in the UK, we dont get center pull balls or skeins rarely, but it was fun to do, although it took several hours with 100g of it! 

Successful center pull ball!
I even managed to get it in a semi square shape so it doesn't roll anywhere. Anyway, I have an hour or so left on my Elleby hat, and then I'll be casting this on!


  1. Hi Jess! This yarn looks lovely :) Ella Rae lace merino is my favourite yarn. I've made 3 shawls with it so far and have one more hank to use. Seeing as you're from Shrewsbury, I wonder if you got it from RKM? I love that shop! I always go there whenever I go back home.

  2. Hi Elisabeth! I have got it from RKM yes, its just round the corner from my shop so I always end up in there! The selection is good but I find the staff in there quite unwelcoming, there is another shop called Anya (i think) next to the Co-op near Meole Brace that has some great yarn brands that RKM doesn't, such as Rowan, Milla Mia etc and they are lovely there! I do recommend the place if you are ever back :)

    1. I'll try to call in there next time I'm over :) Thanks for the tip!