Thursday, 31 January 2013

W.I.P - The first few hours of Holden Shawlette

So far so good, the first stage of stockinette always was the easiest part for me, I'm now moving onto the lace and I'm a bit terrified, but I've put a life line in (hot pink thread) so I can rip back to it safely if I mess up.

Hoping to get this done as soon as possible for my Mum, as I've wanted to knit her something for the longest time! 

Here are some progress pictures, trying not to give too much away!

Garter st. border.

The pink lifeline, and first few rows of lace.

Quite proud of my neat knitting!
I've really been enjoying using the Signature needles I got for Christmas, I think they have attributed to how neat my knitting has become. Will post a few more progress shots in a few days.

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