Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cross stitch kitty!

So continuing my cross stitching adventure, I found an adorable kitty pattern the most recent CrossStitcher magazine and HAD to do it. Luckily I had some leftover Anchor thread from an old kit I left years ago which did me perfectly! I'd say it probably took around 6-10 hours total, I didn't really time it but I was very very slow! I also tried to take the time to make the back as neat as possible and I think I did pretty well!

Anyway, here are the pics :D

I ended up keeping the wooden embroidery hoop and using it as a frame, I love the look! It also kinda goes with the kitties fur.

Here's the back, I did reasonably well until I did the backstitching and I was so impatient to get it finished I wasn't as disciplined with making sure it was all tied togther! Still happy with the result.

So thats my first proper project done! What was yours? When did you feel like you'd become more of an accomplished stitcher?

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  1. The back of your work looks amazingly neat. I never want to look at the back of my cross stitching or embroidery work!