Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wedding cross stitch WIP Update!

Hello ladies and gents! It's been a few weeks, but I thought I'd try and leave enough time to show a substantial update - and here it is!

So I've done the entire top 3 rows! I've parked my threads for the next (massive) page and will start it tomorrow when I have more natural light. I'm really pleased with how its going so far although it is slow! Should be able to see my dear mothers face soon :)

Also got these beautiful things in the post today from sewandso! (I highly recommend this company if you are from the UK like me!)

I adore these scissors, reminds me of one of those big black vintage sewing machines! They're nice and sharp and I don't have to 'saw' at the threads to cut them anymore.

This neat little thing is called a Needle Minder, it has a magnet attached to it, with another magnet that sits on the otherside of your fabric and holds it in place. When you're not using your needle you pop it on the needle minder and it'll keep it nice and safe for you! I have two kittens so making sure that a stray needle doesn't fall on the floor is my top priority, this helps a little for my anxieties!

So thats it for this update, hope to get a little more done soon as my due time is looming!
Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hello Jess

    Your wedding project looks great and those scissors are gorgeous!
    The needle minder is a good idea (: