Sunday, 11 August 2013

Knitting and Cross stitch Progress in August

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post, I would show more frequently how I'm getting on, however I'm not the quickest! I don't want to inundate you all with daily posts of the few stitches I've managed to do here and there... so here's a more substantial update!

Now, I feel like the worst knitter in the world. If you're a knitter you may know how enjoyable knitting teeny clothes for newborn babies are and how satisfying it is to knit up pieces so quickly. I'm fighting a losing battle with my Suzette cardigan and stopped knitting at all for a few months (Hello cross stitch!) and didn't think there was any point doing baby stuff as noone in my family were close to having babies!

However my brain failed to notice that MY OWN MOTHER has had a bun in the oven for 6 MONTHS! 

Yeah, thats 6 entire months of lost knitting time, how many little baby booties and mittens is that?!
So I scoured my digital copies of The Knitter and found an adorable baby pattern called Little Vine (Ravelry link) 

I went out and spent a ludicrous amount (£11) on 2 gorgeous balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, because every baby needs cashmere in their life, even if it will be 12 weeks before they grow out of it.

Its knitting up so fast its awesome, although I'm used to doing adult clothes that take forever. Alas my camera has absolutely butchered the colour of this yarn. Its not this sickly red colour going on right now, its a gorgeous deep purple, like wine and mulberries. Here is the swatch from the Deramores site, it's much more accurate: Cashmerino in Plum

As always, I'm using my trusty Knitting Needs by Signature Needle Arts which are hands down my favourite knitting purchase ever. These are 3.5mm with the super sharp Stiletto tips (great for lace!)

The little vine pattern is easy to memorize and enjoyable to do. Nothing too taxing, a few YOs and SLKPs and the usual knit and purls!

Here's the back knitted up and the left front, just the right and arms left!

I've done lots more on my Wedding Cross Stitch, although it seems to take forever. I'm cutting time by using lots of needles with each colour so I'm not rethreading all the times, and using the parking method!

I took this photo this morning so you can see the colours better (hadn't stitched as much then) but I love doing the little greens, oranges and purples that pop up, and it all works so well together!

While I'm not sure that I'll get it done by December, in fact we all know that'll be a small miracle, I'm enjoying the process as I go, and I'm adding up a small collection of patterns I want to do once its finished!

(To see the wedding cross stitch progress in its entirety, click the wedding label down the right hand side of the blog, it will show all posts!)

'Til next time.

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