Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New Project! WIP Candle Flame Scarf

Finally managed to put some photos together for a new WIP I've been working on recently! My older project Susette is currently stalled at the stage where I'm joining the sleeves and body together, I'ts become above my skill level and I've ripped back several times. So it looks like its sitting in the bottom of my knitting drawer, and I'd rather start on new projects to keep my blog nice and active.

So here we go! I've done around a foot or so now, a lovely 24 row lace pattern, the yarn is James C Brett Cotton on and is loooovely and soft. Although I didn't think about how it would block, being part acrylic. I just hope it does!

The pattern, I can't wait to see how the lace blocks out, I love it how it is but I hope it will look even better afterwards!

My beloved Signature Needles. By far the best I've ever used. If you like using magic loop this will give you the most stress free experience!

More Signature Needle love

Only around 12" long currently, much more to go.

Lovely easy pattern consisting of a few YOs and KTOGS, otherwise it's standard Knit and Purl. I recommend this to everyone including beginners who are trying out lace for the first time.
As always, thankyou for reading, I really appreciate it! I'll hopefully start having some more projects to blog about soon, and maybe introducing a few new topics.


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    1. Thankyou! I can't wait to finish it :D x

  2. Your stitches look so lovely and neat and the colour you have chosen is gorgeous.

  3. We're can I find a pattern